Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made changes to some of our policies, which may affect the services we provide.
Food For Thought Specialized Catering and Events’ staff wants to thank you for your continued loyalty as we navigate the current health situation in our community. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be part of your special occasions and your everyday meals. When you are offering Food For Thought full flavored food to your friends, family and coworkers, we know that you are trusting us to be vigilant in our food safety practices. We will continue to provide great customer service along with cooking good food to satisfy your taste buds, ready for you to enjoy with confidence. We are taking the  COVID-19 very seriously. Fortunately, we already diligently follow Food Safety Laws which go a long way in ensuring that we make food in a clean and safe way. As we do everyday, we are making sure that all of our standard operating procedures regarding sanitation are being strictly upheld and followed. In addition, we are carefully following the guidelines and directives from the CDC and food industry experts. We have heightened our protocol on all sanitation efforts, and will have ongoing education with our staff on the preventative measures being continuously updated by the CDC regarding food, food handling and safety.

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