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Food is powerful: It’s not only the fuel that keeps us alive, it’s also a social glue. It has the power to bring people together, help them bond, and make them feel loved.

Companies are tapping into the power of food to encourage employees to be happier and more productive. Offering employees free food and drinks is a relatively inexpensive perk but can help a company attract and keep top talent, encourage employees to collaborate better, and elevate a company’s culture.

      Statics say that  millennials, who will make up 46 percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020, particularly appreciate snacks and other food perks at work. In one survey, about half of millennials said they could be lured to a new job by a company that offered better perks, including free snacks.

In one survey, 67 percent of employees who work in offices that provide complimentary food said they were very happy at work. That’s 12 percent higher than the percentage of all employees who said they were happy at work. Happiness is a vague term, but research indicates employers should care about whether employees say they’re happy. Employee happiness is strongly correlated with engagement, a term used to describe the motivation of a company’s employees. How cool is that, I guess its safe to say a happy employee a happy business.

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