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My name is Chef Katina Johnson I am a specialty chef and catering coordinator from St. Louis MO. I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in St. Louis, Missouri back in 2010. After graduation, I began intensive training as a sous chef for various casinos, as well as high-end resort & spas. I then started perfecting my skill and earning a reputation for savory dishes and with an expertise in executive catering. My culinary philosophy is to

“Specialize in what you’re cooking at the moment”

– Chef Katina Johnson

is the spirit in which I create each impressive and flavorful dish. My passion for everyday cooking and my refined skill yields an extra ounce of “deliciousness” in every dish of my extensive repertoire. All served by me, love my specialty catering and remember my personalized service, as I nourish the palette and the soul with Food for Thought! I now reside in Memphis TN.

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