Private Dinner Experience

A local Memphis Chef hosts a private delectable dinner, taking the mid-south by storm one taste at a time

– Ciara Clark

Katina Johnson is the owner of Food For Thought Specialized Catering and Events. She started her business in St. Louis, Missouri, 2016; recently relocating to the Memphis area. Johnson said although she has been in the culinary business for three years along with a decade of experience as a sous chef and catering coordinator, this event still played a pivotal role in showcasing her talents. “I’ve always wanted to do a tasting,” Johnson said.

“You can do 1,000 weddings and the majority of the weddings might be the same because of the menu traditional stuff but a tasting helps you do creativity and show your talent,”

– Katina Johnson

Johnson said Food For Thought Specialized Catering and Events offers a variety of other services. Traveling is available to accommodate your desired service. “Not only do we cater,” Johnson said. “We do social events, meal preps, cooking classes, and cooking demos. The cooking classes can be a one-on-one session or a couple’s session.”

Food For Thought is located at 3385 Austin Peay Highway inside the Mid-South Event Center. The hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 4pm.

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Private Dinner Experience
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